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Hi, My name is Marie-Elsie Ade and I own the Natural Healing Place through Marie Ade Enterprises, Inc. For more than a decade, I’ve been a Registered Pharmacist here in Florida, working for one of the most prominent and progressive hospital and healthcare systems in the USA. There are a lot of “traditional” healthcare professionals who do not believe in alternative or natural healing approaches. I believe that traditional medicine and alternative healing are indeed very complementary.

You may be familiar with the work of Dr. Andrew Weil, a Harvard University-trained M.D. who is a strong proponent of the combination of both natural and traditional medicine. When I encountered his work, as well as that of others I respect greatly, I wanted to bring my expertise as a pharmacist to the world of natural healing products. I believe that there are some chronic diseases out there that can be treated with the proper balance of natural products and conventional medicine. I became a true believer when I personally benefited from such combination.

Why am I different?
I believe that an informed customer is an healthier customer; thus, my best customer. Information on natural remedies can be hard to find. For this reason, I will provide you with comprehensive information on the herbs and remedies that you find on this site. My guarantee is to completely explain the product that you are buying. When you request information on a product, I will tell you the side effects of the product, the effectiveness and whether or not the product will interfere with other products or drugs that you are taking. My mission is to help you get healthier naturally whenever possible. However, there are some circumstances where natural health will not be enough and that is why, for your benefit, I urge you I urge you to seek the advice of your own healthcare provider regarding any products you wish to take.

About The Products on This Site
I am highly selective in the remedies I recommend. My policy is simple: if there is no science behind the claims made by the manufacturer, I will tell you so in a consultation. I also believe in going organic whenever possible, that is why the beauty products I carry are made with organic ingredients or are organic to food grade, certified by the USDA.

Most of the products I offer are priced comparable to the prices that you will find at the large supplement franchise. However, at that franchise you will not find the thorough, individualized and expert information that will make you more informed about your health. Some of our prices are higher, but, aren’t you worth the best?

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